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    1. High speed line solutions

      High speed line solution

      Key words: high speed, high speed road reticule, hot melt, normal temperature, cold spraying, cold paint, marking machine, marking machine

      Question background: highway line usually quantity is big, the tight, resulting in the domestic each big line construction group by adding staff, at the same time more road construction methods to improve the efficiency of marking. With the rising of domestic labor costs, also led to the construction cost increase again, how can save time and effort in increase in efficiency of provincial artificial into each line team urgently need to understand and solve problems;

      Solution to recommend A (hot);



      Equipment characteristics:


      (1) pure blue flame, heating speed;

      (2) help oxygen combustion, save gas;

      (3) the formation of negative pressure, the gas tank of gas can be fit, make the use of gas well to more cost savings;

      (4) stainless steel pot, long service life, fast heat conduction;


      Senior LXD860 push hot melt marking machine

      Hot melt marking machine is the key to the construction of the hot melt marking equipment, used together with hot-melt kettle, complete line construction. Equipment have legerity, portable, easy to operate, easy maintenance and so on many new characteristics of unique design.


      Equipment characteristics:

      (1) the use of special manufacturing high-precision one-piece iron line, make sure that all the marking bucket edge of qi, head of qi, uniform thickness, linear and beautiful

      (2) special cast iron, heat-resistant rubber wheel, high temperature resistant use long;

      (3) glass bead synchronous clutch seeding, compared with a adjustable seeding device on the market spread more evenly;

      (4) a cart with LXD moped links, can greatly improve the efficiency of the construction of high-speed lines;


      Cold solution recommended B (paint)

      LXD - 18 L - 2 duplex double pump vehicular marker

      Car cold spraying marking machine is suitable for special equipment of large highway engineering. Meet all the requirements of marking for highway construction, can delimit solid line, dotted line, double yellow line cold spray, such as cold paint line. Equipment 36 l/min, the maximum flow spraying width of 900 mm to meet the requirements of the highway on the construction efficiency. Several main parts are imported parts to reduce the failure rate, save the construction cost;



      Equipment characteristics:

      (1) the device is equipped with automatic double gun can take over other moving flat spray gun;

      (2) is equipped with a double bucket, spraying different colors of paint at the same time;

      (3) equipped with Germany's Siemens governor of manual and automatic disconnection device, the device is more efficient to use more convenient;

      (4) equipped with Japanese omron rotary encoder;


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