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    1. Urban road solutions

      Urban road solution

      Key words: city, highway, the road marking, shock, zebra crossing, hot melt, under normal temperature, marker

      Background: urban traffic main delimit in road surface, the incarnation, the snow was frozen, suffer from vehicle impact abrasion and therefore have strict requirements on its performance. First ask the drying time is short, simple operation, in order to reduce the traffic interference; The second reflection ability strong, bright colours, strong luminosity, day and night have good visibility; Should have the slip resistance and abrasion resistance, to ensure driving safety and service life.


      Solution to recommend A (hot);

      Hydraulic double cylinder LXD1200 hot kettle

      Hydraulic double cylinder hot melt is one of the main equipment for hot melt marking, this equipment has the molten material with high efficiency, long continuous working time, simple operation, easy maintenance, etc.



      Equipment characteristics:

      1) equipment adopts multiplex integrated liquid pressure stepless transmission torque is strong;

      (2) high performance large load operation and direction, LAN, coating can fully stir well;

      (3) stainless steel direct injection furnace has high efficiency and energy saving burner, can guarantee high combustion efficiency, festival season;

      (4) designed the overload of the overflow device, can prevent wrong operation.


      Senior LXD860 push hot melt marking machine

      Hot melt marking machine is the key to the construction of the hot melt marking equipment, used together with hot-melt kettle, complete line construction. Equipment have legerity, portable, easy to operate, easy maintenance and so on many new characteristics of unique design.



      Equipment characteristics:

      (1) the use of special manufacturing high-precision one-piece iron line, make sure that all the marking bucket edge of qi, head of qi, uniform thickness, linear and beautiful

      (2) special cast iron, heat-resistant rubber wheel, high temperature resistant use long;

      (3) glass bead synchronous clutch seeding, compared with a adjustable seeding device on the market spread more evenly;

      (4) a cart with LXD moped links, can greatly improve the efficiency of the construction of high-speed lines;

      Cold solution recommended B (paint)

      LXD - 18 l trolley load combination type high pressure gas cooling spray marker

      Cart carrying dual cold spraying marking machine for high pressure flow type airless spraying machine, this machine use gasoline engine driven single plunger pump, the coating forming high pressure spraying inside the machine, so the line thickness even Angle. Have low Labour intensity, construction convenient, etc.




      Equipment characteristics:

      (1) adopts hydraulic piston pump design, flow stability failure rate is low;

      (2) spray gun rack guide rod design, adjust the width of spraying is accurate, convenient;

      (3) the radiator system, can reduce construction of hydraulic oil temperature;

      (4) voltage regulation system;


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