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    1. School solutions

      Campus marking solution

      Keywords: campus, playground, runway, hot melt, normal temperature, marker

      Question background: with the expansion of the scale of higher education, campus social phenomenon has become increasingly obvious, campus traffic safety situation is becoming more and more important and widespread attention. Due to the administrative region of the school, teaching and living areas is relatively concentrated, upper and lower class the students to form the rush, campus of human diversity of motorised vehicles and non-motor vehicles transportation to the campus safety management has brought certain security hidden danger. So the reasonable setting can promote school campus traffic sign and marking of traffic safety management and improve the image of the campus is of great significance. Will be introduced into the school, traffic sign and marking of primary and secondary schools is a let the children grew up, know the relevant sign and marking know the meaning of these sign and marking, to cultivate children's awareness of traffic, for the future out of the campus, walked into the society to lay the solid traffic safety consciousness and habit;


      Solution to recommend A (hot)

      Hydraulic double cylinder LXD400 hot kettle

      Hydraulic cylinder kettle using hydraulic drive mode, independent block, sihuan imported fire energy efficient burner, applicable to the parking lot, property management community, factories and enterprises, wharf, small engineering construction.



      Equipment characteristics:

      (1) small size, light weight, easy to carry


      Senior LXD860 push hot melt marking machine

      Hot melt marking machine is the key to the construction of the hot melt marking equipment, used together with hot-melt kettle, complete line construction. Equipment have legerity, portable, easy to operate, easy maintenance and so on many new characteristics of unique design.




      Equipment characteristics:

      (1) the use of special manufacturing high-precision one-piece iron line, make sure that all the marking bucket edge of qi, head of qi, uniform thickness, linear and beautiful

      (2) special cast iron, heat-resistant rubber wheel, high temperature resistant use long;

      (3) glass bead synchronous clutch seeding, compared with a adjustable seeding device on the market spread more evenly;

      (4) a cart with LXD moped links, can greatly improve the efficiency of the construction of high-speed lines;


      Cold solution recommended B (paint)

      LXD - 6L hand push type high pressure gas cooling spray marker

      Hand push type cold spraying marking machine for high pressure flow type airless spraying machine, this machine use gasoline engine drive hydraulic system to drive single plunger pump, the coating forming high pressure spraying inside the machine, the line thickness even edges together, adjust the width of spraying is accurate, convenient, low labor intensity, work characteristics of quick and convenient.



      Equipment characteristics:

      (1) the hydraulic piston pump, the pressure stability of high efficiency, good sealing performance

      (2) air hub, shock absorption effect is obvious;

      (3) spray gun rack guide rod design;



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