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    1. News information

      The national brand realizes the industry to serve the country, pays attention to the industry dynamics, and pays close attention to the latest information of Luxinda.


      Ready to reline how to select the approp...

      When using marker for operation must be clear of t
      Learn more


      Road cleaning machine in the use of the ...

      Often difficult to grasp the dosage and uniformity
      Learn more


      How to modify after marker in error

      Type line machine back and forth between type line
      Learn more


      In addition to the line: how can you cor...

      In addition to the line with the right machinery b
      Learn more


      On the road need to pay attention to whe...

      How to effectively eradicate the old line, become
      Learn more


      The construction method of marking can b...

      Hand push the line width of ruling machine has the
      Learn more


      Road signs for the road now have what im...

      Road signs to maintain road traffic order, guarant
      Learn more


      Influential line selected filter materia...

      Three layers of filter bed grading selected at the
      Learn more


      Three aspects of the internal cleaning s...

      Scriber internal cleaning system Road marking mac
      Learn more


      Road marking machine after using how cle...

      Line width: road marking machine is now the intern
      Learn more


      Four effects of shot blasting machine in...

      The starting threshold electric starting has obtai
      Learn more


      Ruling machine work error cleaning of se...

      Ruling machine work, a lot of have no contact with
      Learn more
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